Shipping policy

We send 6, 12 and 18 wine boxes.

If the number of bottles ordered is less than this scale, the shipping bags in the package will (unnecessarily) remain empty.

Our staggered shipping costs per package are:

Package contents inland Other EU countries
1-11 bottles € 7.95 € 17.95
12-17 bottles 4.95 € € 14.95
18 bottles free € 9.95

Domestic conditions:

  • Delivery times:2-4 working days
  • Shipping partner:DHL

Conditions for other EU countries:

  • Delivery times:5-10 working days
  • Shipping partner:DHL

Would you like to order more than 18 bottles by post?

  • Please also note the above packaging units for the additional packages. For example, there is no flat-rate shipping charge for every additional full package of 18.
    On the system side, you will not receive any further detailed information about the optimal packaging units for the respective packages at checkout (display:"2 DHL packages"instead of, for example,"full 12 DHL package").

Would you like to be personally supplied by the master winemaker at our selected delivery times and routes?

  • This is possible for our existing customers from an order value of € 200. Please leave a note in your shopping cart at checkout or alternatively order by email via . We will then contact you to arrange an appointment.

Would you like to pick up your goods from our farm?

  • This is possible free of charge. Please make an appointment with us - preferably in advance by .

Are you interested in our wine and live outside of Germany?

  • If you come from another EU country, you can simply use our online shop. If you want to order from outside the EU, please contact us at if you are interested. In this case, we will personally clarify the possible shipping options with you.